Installing / Upgrading

System Compatibility

PyMongoArrow is regularly built and tested on macOS and Linux (Ubuntu 20.04).

Python Compatibility

PyMongoArrow is currently compatible with CPython 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9.

Using Pip

PyMongoArrow is available on PyPI. We recommend using pip to install pymongoarrow on all platforms:

$ python -m pip install pymongoarrow

To get a specific version of pymongo:

$ python -m pip install pymongoarrow==0.1.0

To upgrade using pip:

$ python -m pip install --upgrade pymongoarrow


Installing PyMongoArrow from wheels on macOS Big Sur requires pip >= 20.3. To upgrade pip run:

$ python -m pip install --upgrade pip

We currently distribute wheels for macOS and Linux on x86_64 architectures.


PyMongoArrow requires:

  • PyMongo>=3.11,<4

  • PyArrow>=3,<3.1

To use PyMongoArrow with a PyMongo feature that requires an optional dependency, users must install PyMongo with the given dependency manually.


PyMongo’s optional dependencies are detailed here.

For example, to use PyMongoArrow with MongoDB Atlas’ mongodb+srv:// URIs users must install PyMongo with the srv extra in addition to installing PyMongoArrow:

$ python -m pip install pymongoarrow
$ python -m pip install pymongo[srv]>=3.11,<4

Installing from source

See Installing from source.