Supported Types

PyMongoArrow currently supports a small subset of all BSON types. Support for additional types will be added in subsequent releases.


For more information about BSON types, see the BSON specification.


Type Identifiers

64-bit binary floating point

py.float, an instance of pyarrow.float64()

32-bit integer

an instance of pyarrow.int32()

64-bit integer

int, bson.int64.Int64, an instance of pyarrow.int64()

UTC datetime

an instance of timestamp with ms resolution, py.datetime.datetime

Type identifiers can be used to specify that a field is of a certain type during pymongoarrow.api.Schema declaration. For example, if your data has fields ‘f1’ and ‘f2’ bearing types 32-bit integer and UTC datetime respectively, your schema can be defined as:

schema = Schema({'f1': pyarrow.int32(), 'f2': pyarrow.timestamp('ms')})